Maths in the Early Years

Being numerically literate is an important aspect of daily life. But in school, maths is often feared with many students saying: "my mum is no good at maths so neither am I" or "I won't need this when I finish school!" It is important that children have a positive experience of maths in those first few vital years of their lives.  

As parents, we all know we need to read to our child, but what about maths? How do we build their mathematical confidence in those vital early years?

At Number Tots, we not only give children a positive start to maths by incorporating concepts into fun and engaging activities but also nurture the mathematical relationship between the adult and the child. 

Many of our parents have commented that after attending Number Tots they were well equipped to set up fun activities at home that support the understanding of various maths concepts. 

Number Tots

Horfield United Reform Church


Monday 10-11