School readiness?

School readiness is a term used to describe how "ready" a child is for school. In maths, parents often think that this means knowing their numbers to 10 and some basic shapes. A child who is school ready will have the willingness to learn, this is made up from confidence and enjoyment.

At Number Tots, we work with the children and the parents to develop a mutual enjoyment of maths through fun and engaging games and activities. For many of our activities we use resources that are found around the home so that parents and children can replicate the activities in their own environment.

Another aspect of school readiness is fine motor skills. Children are expected to hold a pencil from a young age at school but are not given the practice to develop these motor skills. We incorporate building fine motor skills into our lessons by using tweezers, doing threading and playing with pom poms.

A child is working with her mum to find ways of making 4.

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