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We are Megan and Gemma, the founders of Number Tots! We set up this maths group after many years teaching for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted to spend more time at home with our beautiful babies! The second reason is because we it made us sad thatf children were entering reception with the idea that they couldn't do maths. After researching this we found two things: one, mathematical thinking is not genetic, as most people think it is. Two, parents, as a child's first teacher are not confident teaching maths at home. We set up Number Tots not just for children but for the parents, to equip them with ideas and confidence to play maths games at home with their children. It is something we feel passionate about and we love being able to have fun with Maths every week.

 We can't wait to see you at our sessions! Why not contact us for a free taster?

Number Tots

Horfield United Reform Church



Monday 10-11