In all areas of maths in line with the EYFS curriculum 'Development Matters'

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Our Classes

Number Tots is an energetic and fun exploration of various mathematical concepts for children aged 2 and a half to 5. Our programme builds on maths skills inlined with the Early Years Curriculum. Through the classes, your child will build on their knowledge and confidence and become more independent when working with maths. 

Each class starts with an introduction to the maths concept for the day and then some games and activities to help embed the concept. We finish with some drinks and a snack.

What people say...

"Megan's love of maths is infectious! My daughter thrived under her tuition and gained confidence in her abilities and the growth mindset to push herself to achieve more. I highly recommend her for teaching your little ones" Parent, 2018

"Megan loves maths and it shines though during the classes. She has so many engaging ideas, most of which you can play at home with very few resources. I thought my two and four year old were to young for snakes and ladders but they love it. It cuts down on screen and we all come together as a family to play. We have even added maths questions to some of the squares, they don’t even realise they are learning. The class has really boosted my daughter’s confidence in maths (and mine in being able to teach her). Megan is amazing!" Parent, September 2019

"My three year old absolutely loved this class and so did I. Fun, engaging and original; the kids picked up maths understanding through play. Very highly recommended (and I'm definitely not a natural mathematician!)" Ann Fielding- Parent 

"We love Number tots! Great fun and learning in the same time ! Highly recommended" Edyta- Parent

"We have really enjoyed Number Tots. It is an excellent introduction to numbers, shape and size. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers" Parent



Number Tots

Horfield United Reform Church


Monday 10-11